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The real impact of palm oil and failed policies

23 January 2017

The true negative impact of palm oil, the interests that the trade serves and the failure of policy to deal with deforestation and other consequences, write Jakub Kvapil, Stanislav Lhota and Zoltan Szabo

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The Perils of Palm Oil: How a Popular Product Leads to Deforestation

9 January 2017

Your favorite pizza dough, detergent, lipstick, chocolate, and biodiesel have something in common: Most of these products contain palm oil.

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Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?

30 October 2015

I've often wondered how the media would respond when eco-apocalypse struck. I pictured the news programmes producing brief, sensational reports, while failing to explain why it was happening or how it might be stopped. Then they would ask their financial correspondents how the disaster affected share prices, before turning to the sport. As you can probably tell, I don't have an ocean of faith in the industry for which I work. What I did not expect was that they would ignore it.

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Could palm oil help save the Amazon?

14 June 2011

For years now, environmentalists have become accustomed to associating palm oil with large-scale destruction of rainforests across Malaysia and Indonesia. Campaigners have linked palm oil-containing products like Girl Scout cookies and soap products to smoldering peatlands and dead orangutans.

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