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Directed by: Patrick Rouxel, 2009, silent movie, 48 minutes

Her name is Green, she stayed alone in the world which doesn´t belong to her. She is a female orangutan, victim of deforestation and usage of resources. This movie captures the last days of her path. It is about the devastating impact of logging and soil cleansing for palm oil plantations, the suffocating haze from fires of rainforests and the catastrophic end to the forest biodiversity. We are the witnesses of the consequences of consumerism facing our own responsibility for the loss of the world forest treasures. ‘Green’ won the highest price from the two most prestigious film festivals in the world about wild (Golden Panda Award – Wildscreen 2010, Grand Teton Award – Jackson Hole International Wildlife Film Festival 2009) and more than 30 of others.

Green desert

Directed by: Michal Galik, Slovakia, 2012, original version: Czech / English subtitles, 60 minutes

An average European has never been so responsible for the devastation of tropical rainforests as he is today. What is the cause and how can we prevent it? The answer provides a documentary movie by Michal Galik, which takes us to the other end of the planet, on the tropical island of Borneo. The film reveals startling secrets that lie behind a widely spread and daily used ingredient - palm oil.