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Green desert

1. 7. 2012

An ordinary European has never been so much responsible for deforestation in tropics as s/he is today. Why is that so? The answer is given by the documentary of Michael Galik who takes us to the other end of the planet - on the tropical island of Borneo. The film reveals startling secrets hidden behind the widespread palm oil industry.

Palm oil issue through kids eyes

25. 5. 2015

by children from Czech movie school for children. Do you know what you eat?

Palm Oil Animation

19. 2. 2014

Palm oil is an ingredient in thousands of products we use every day. But palm oil has a dirty secret: the destruction of tropical forests. Each year thousands of hectares of Indonesian rainforest and peatlands - the most biologically diverse areas on the planet - are destroyed to make way for new plantations of oil palm. We must not destroy forests for palm oil - solutions exist, and some companies are on the right track for responsible palm oil production. However, we must take urgent action to achieve it!

A Cheesy Love Story - The Ad Doritos Don't Want You to See

11. 1. 2015

You wouldn't love it if you knew what it was made from.

Chance to Change - Anne Dawydowa

29. 1. 2014

Vet volunteer working at the centre KWPLH in Balikpapan, Indonesia.

Chance to Change - Killing Palms

6. 1. 2014

A video of the Chance to Change campaign about how our consumer lifestyle influences the situation on the other side of the planet, and what everyone can do to improve the dire situation.

International Animal Rescue - Shocking footage of hungry orangutans and deforestation

5. 4. 2013

International Animal Rescue Team rescued several female orangutans from the devastated forests in Borneo.


9. 6. 2010

Dove Cosmetics is a member of Unilever concern. As the world's largest palm oil user, Unilever has an extremely heavy responsibility to help clean up the industry that stands behind the vast deforestation.

Nestle, Kitkat, Orang-Utans

24. 3. 2010

Chocolate bars contain palm oil. 80 % comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to palm plantations in Indonesia alone, rainforest covering an area of 300 football fields is cut down. Every hour...