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How can you support us

Did you know, that Coalition depends exclusively on volunteering?

Since 15th February 2017 you can contribute money within public funds for campaign development on transparent account number 2001032353/2010 | IBAN: CZ8320100000002001032353 | BIC/SWIFT kód: FIOBCZPPXXX. The service is secured by Environmental service organization.

Thank you for your interest in financial support of our activities. In case you have any question do not hesitate in contacting our fundraiser Mgr. Gita Matlaskova on


Dear friends,

We highly appreciate Your profuse favour. After the rocker rise of Coalition against palm oil thanks to its ongoing successful campaign, we turn to You, for the first time in four years of its existence, with the request for financial support. We have accomplished a great amount of work thanks to our volunteers. The activities of the Coalition, however, are today so widespread that it starts to be hardly sustainable to maintain them just on the volunteer base. It is necessary to stabilize a team of professionals, that have joined us throughout the years and accomplished plenty of quality work. Furthermore, we have the possibility to reach transition to another phase of the campaign with international dimension.

Gifts small or big, one-time or regular, according to your possibilities, you can send to transparent account number 2001032353/2010 ; IBAN: CZ8320100000002001032353 ; BIC/SWIFT code: FIOBCZKPXXX. After sending the amount you are entitled to receive a receipt, which after submitting personal details we can send it to you and you can use it to reduce the tax base.