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President Joko Widodo: Please save Balikpapan Bay!

The highly controversial Pulau Balang Bridge is about to bring disastrous irreversible environmental damage to one of the last remaining pristine coastal habitats in East Kalimantan (Indonesia) - Balikpapan Bay. Furthermore, the project is economically flawed and wasteful of government funds, and will lead to a completely avoidable increase in Indonesia's carbon emissions from both excessive vehicle mileage and forest destruction.

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PepsiCo and Nestle are driving the Sumatran elephant to extinction

PepsiCo and Nestle STILL buy conflict palm oil linked to the destruction of critical elephant habitat in Indonesia's Leuser Ecosystem. Our partners at RAN gathered disturbing new evidence that the greasy trail from palm oil suppliers such as Wilmar leads straight to some of the world's biggest brands. And the worst part is -- all of these companies have no-deforestation policies.

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The last Sumatran elephants need your voice!

Some of the last Sumatran elephants roam the forest of Sepintun - a habitat that is being trashed for oil palm, pulp and rubber plantations. Conservationists have now discovered the remains of poached elephants there. Tell the authorities to give the elephants' home the protection it deserves!

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Palawan: We need our land, not oil palms!

The Philippine government is promoting industrial-scale oil palm plantations on the islands of Palawan. This will not only spell the end of Palawan's last remaining old-growth forests, but also the culture and livelihoods of the indigenous islanders. Palawan is a natural treasure so remarkable that UNESCO declared it a Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1990. Please speak out and help stop the trashing of Palawan's extraordinary biodiversity and indigenous culture.

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Kellogg's, Nestle, Unilever: NO to child labor for palm oil!

According to Amnesty International, child labor taints the palm oil used by numerous household brands: Colgate-Palmolive, Kellogg's, Nestle, Procter & Gamble and Unilever.

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Cameroon: eep oil palm plantations out of this forest!

New York-based investors are eyeing Cameroon's rainforests for industrial-scale oil palm plantations. U.S. diplomats strong-armed the Cameroonian government into pushing the project through against the will of the local people, who are fighting to keep the bulldozers at bay. Tell Cameroon to reject the project once and for all.

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Uganda: stop the destruction of Buvuma Islanda!

10,000 hectares of forest near Lake Victoria are about to be destroyed for oil palm plantations: the Ugandan government is awarding land on Buvuma Island to international investors. The island's inhabitants, however, want to protect their nature, homes and livelihoods. Please support their struggle with your signature.

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Procter & Gamble, end modern slavery in your supply chain!

What's the link between household brands Head & Shoulders, Covergirl, and Gillette? Modern slavery. The brands' parent company, Procter & Gamble (P&G), purchases conflict palm oil from the world's largest palm oil plantation operator, Malaysian company Felda Global Ventures (Felda). Felda deals in the human trafficking of its plantation workers, confiscating close to 30,000 passports, and still works with labor contractors and recruiters who charge enormous fees to trafficked foreign workers.

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Save The Leuser Ecosystem, Save Our Planet!

The Leuser Ecosystem is no longer protected. Major disaster is waiting for us and generation to come.

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Stop the Greed! Save Cameroon's Forests from Herakles

Herakles Farms, a US company, has been chopping down miles of dense forest without the full authority to do so -- and in the face of desperate pleas and resistance from local communities.

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Tell PepsiCo to extend its new palm oil policy to Indofood's operations in Indonesia

After more than a year of campaigning and thanks to your efforts, PepsiCo just came out with a new palm oil policy, strengthening its commitment to uphold the rights of local communities and workers and to identify the plantations where the palm oil used in its products is grown.

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Standard Chartered, this palm oil deal is a nightmare. Walk away now

Standard Chartered, a massive international bank, is about to bankroll a Malaysian palm oil producer responsible for horrific slave-labour conditions and widespread environmental destruction.

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