Bloody biofuel1 Feb - Palm Oil Free Day


Palm Oil
in Brief
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Visions, Values, and Goals

Our vision is a society

that appreciates the use of local resources and recognizes the value and importance of healthy ecosystems and human health

where oil crop production meets the requirements of organic farming, where it is carefully processed and consumed locally and in moderation, especially in places of production

where palm oil is produced within the framework of sustainable agriculture, and where rainforest biodiversity and traditional ways of life of indigenous communities are protected, i.e. where the original nature and its residents are not exposed to political pressure, or the pressure from multinational corporations; where people realize the value of non-renewable resources such as soil, water, air, as well as immaterial values; where palm oil plantations are concentrated outside the species-rich rainforests and their extent does not threaten the country's food security

where politicians, producers (growers, processors, and distributors), and consumers act in accordance with the criteria of sustainable development, good health, as well as the protection of nature and social needs.

Our values are

openness and transparency, professionalism and the protection of natural and cultural heritage,

sympathy with the natural world in terms of respect for the natural processes of the Earth, for the needs of people, animals, plants, and the protection of mineral resources.

Our goals are

To ensure communication, education, and coordinated action in order to limit the consumption of palm oil, in close cooperation with other countries across the continents.
To monitor the places where palm oil is produced.

To inform consumers about the negative impact the palm oil cultivation, production, and distribution has on the environment and the social sphere, as well as about the health risks of its excessive consumption.

To encourage consumers to behave responsibly, not only in relation to the issue of palm oil but also the reduction of fat consumption.

To inform consumers about alternative products without palm oil as well as about companies that still use palm oil, but have been reducing its use, or intend to do so.

To communicate with individual producers and companies about the replacement of palm oil by other fats of local origin, or about sustainably produced palm oil.

To communicate with media, experts, prominent personalities, political leaders and other partners about the issue of palm oil and our visions for the solution.


With Palm Oil Watch International, there is still hope that:

Human civilization will not end up tragically
The communication between professionals and broad public will work well

Many people will start to realize that nature does not need the mankind, but the mankind needs the nature
We can all at once engage in fulfilling our mission

The most active members and supporters can feel gratified as they help with really important and positive tasks

Domestic food producers who have managed to eliminate palm oil in their products can embrace unexpected new opportunities of expanding abroad


Our main goal is, therefore, to promote environmentally considerate production and distribution of goods across all ranges of commodities and services.